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Word Cloud can provide the following roles to assist you with your web solution.

Web Designer
Designs and constructs web pages/sites including incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) features and other techniques. Maintains and provides ongoing design of the website, promotions and advertising, seasonal content specials and customized tools.

Web Software Developer
Designs, develops, and implements software packages for web sites. Troubleshoots, debugs and implements third-party or custom software code. Consults with clients and other project team members to design, build and manage web sites. Develops installation programs and custom solutions for website projects. Negotiates contracts/agreements with software vendors and other internet companies as required.

Develops and maintains the company's portal. Performs backups and ensure user accessibility to the site. Monitors site traffic and helps scale site capacity to meet traffic demands performance. Improves the company's efficiency and designs the look and feel for the site.

Information Systems Supervisor
Supervises or assists the information technology department in accordance with organizational policies and goals. Ensures proper functioning of the organization's information systems and makes upgrades as necessary. Helps business operations utilize information systems to improve efficiency. Keeps computer equipment, hardware, and software updated to meet organizational needs. Follows appropriate programming procedures and guidelines.

General Consulting
Not sure what you need? General consulting is available to help determine your needs and potential directions to align your web presence with your business goals.

Mission: Word Cloud Technologies, Inc provides individual and full service web solutions including initial consideration & requirements gathering, design & development, deployment & hosting and online promotions.
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